Rods and studs are headless fasteners which connect two materials, and are most commonly used for tension. These products are available unthreaded or entirely threaded, also called all-thread, and are typically referred to as threaded rods when they are in long pieces, and studs when they are in shorter, pre-cut lengths.

Rettig’s Industrial Supplies first opened its doors in 1888, and we have been providing the market’s most durable rods and studs, along with other essential industrial supplies ever since. We grow with your success, and we are committed to carrying or sourcing the high-quality industrial components your business needs to conduct efficient operations. All orders ship within twenty-four business hours or less to get you back to work as soon as possible. We strive to save you time, money, and stress by being your one-stop industrial shop.

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The material you need depends greatly on the operation at hand. We offer our rods and studs in the following materials:

  • Zinc
  • Plain finish
  • Low carbon steel
  • Hot dipped galvanized
  • 316 or 304 stainless steel


Our rods and studs can be ordered in standard Grade A, or Grade B7. The B7 heat-treated alloy steel rods are essential for high pressure and high heat operations.


Rettig’s Industrial Supply offers quality rods in 1’,