Pins fit through drilled holes to help locate, align, and secure an assembly while allowing free movement and providing a strong connection at the same time. The perfect fastener to make your job easier and more cost efficient. Each specific application will determine size, shape and material of the pin required.

Rettig’s Industrial Supplies first opened its doors in 1888, and we have been providing the market’s best industrial strength pins and other industrial supplies ever since. We grow with your success, and we are committed to carrying or sourcing the high-quality industrial components your business needs to conduct efficient operations. All orders ship within twenty-four business hours or less to get you back to work as soon as possible. We strive to save you time, money, and stress by being your one-stop industrial shop.

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Rettig’s Industrial Supply offers pins in a plain finish, zinc, brass, and even stainless steel.


With four different types of pins in a variety of materials, we guarantee you will find the pin needed for any job big or small.

Cotter Pins

Easy to remove and install. One side of a cotter pin is longer than the other making them easy to open. All cotter pins have a loop at one end and are commonly used in machinery and vehicles.

Clevis Pins

Assemblies connected by clevis pins allow rotation which in turn creates free movement. Clevis pins can be beneficial in the agriculture and construction industry.

Dowel Pins

This solid, headless pin has a crown on the end. Dowel pins help with proper alignment of parts in high speed assemblies creating structural reinforcement.

Spring Pins

Spring pin are hollow and headless pins which are used to hold a position in an assembly. These pins are also often called tension pins or roll pins.

How to get our products

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