Industrial Sealants

Sealants typically have lower strength and higher elongation than do adhesives. Sealants need to have adequate adhesion and resistance to environmental conditions to remain bonded over the required life of the assembly, as well as a substantial amount of flexibility and elongation. They usually have a paste consistency to allow filling of gaps between materials, and should have very little shrinkage after application.

Sealants range from higher-strength adhesives at one end to extremely low-strength putties and caulks at the other. If you’re looking to take up space and fill gaps, putties and caulks are the answer.  Sealants, on the other hand, seal up materials at the glue line, keep moisture in or out, they can provide thermal and acoustical insulation, and may serve as fire barriers.

Many of our sealants are required to be weather, UV and ozone resistance, and their paste-like consistency will cure to a durable rubbery seal with low shrinkage on application, creating more durability.  Below are just a few of the sealants we stock:
  • Cements
  • Primers
  • Cleaners
  • Thread Lockers

How to get our products

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