Industrial Strength Adhesives and Sealants

An effective bond or seal ensures better overall end-product performance. Rettigs Industrial Supply offers a robust selection of structual adhesives, structural sealants, and industrial grade glue for many different operations. Whether you need a can of Loctite or a tube of Silicone, we have the size needed to complete any job. We stock small quantities for specific unique jobs that may only be rarely needed, as well as bulk quantities for the typical everyday job.


Pipe sealants are liquid or putty compounds applied to threaded pipe or PVC joints before connection for watertight, airtight, or pressure-tight seals. Pipe Sealants are also effective when filling any gaps between objects or substances. But it doesn’t stop there.  In addition to preventing leaks, the sealants can also help to prevent contamination.

Many of our sealants are required to be weather, UV and ozone resistance, and their paste-like consistency will cure to a durable rubbery seal with low shrinkage on application, creating more durability.  Below are just a few of the sealants we stock:

Our pipe sealant tapes are made to prevent damage from acids, solvents, and alkalines, and seal the joint without hardening it, making it easier to tighten.  Adhesives can also be beneficial when used to waterproof a bond, protect it from loosening because of an extreme load, and also may prevent deterioration due to oxidation and corrosion.  Here’s a few of our most common adhesives: